Spencer: Xbox One June and July updates ‘look really good’

If there's one thing to be impressed by with Microsoft, it's the rapid pace at which they are releasing system updates for the Xbox One. Since its release in November, we've seen at least three major updates released, adding numerous player-requested features. And looking ahead, the updates are looking "really good," according to Phil Spencer, the newly appointed Head of Xbox.

Though he couldn't mention specifics, Spencer tweeted: "Monthly updates for June and July look really good, team is making good progress."

We don't know what this entails exactly, but Microsoft has said in the past that they are listening to your feedback. In fact, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has already confirmed that Xboxfeedback.com, a new website dedicated entirely to discussing changes that users would like to see implemented in the Xbox One, has been passed along to members of Microsoft's Xbox team. So if you want something done, I'd suggest starting there with your request.

Last week, it was revealed that Microsoft had shipped (not sold) over five million Xbox One consoles since launch. When asked how Microsoft can improve on that number and surpass Sony's seven million PS4s sold, Spencer simply stated that Microsoft "needs to do more." I think monthly system updates that take into account user feedback is definitely a good start.

Earlier this month, Microsoft said the preview for the next udpate — maybe coming in June — will be "starting soon."  If you've already participated in the past update preview, then you'll automatically be invited to preview the next one as well.