Speculating Xenon’s Dark Secrets in Brave Frontier’s Unholy Tower and Princess Estia’s reveal

Due to lore based on Xenon and a recent Facebook post on Brave Frontier’s page, I believe I’ve put a few things together about the Unholy Tower event going on currently and until June 17th at 23:00 PST when it ends. With all that said, I believe it all hints to the next Vortex character to be released.

Let’s start with the Facebook post and the picture above:

What lies beyond 100th floor?

Conquer all 100 floors by June 17 & prepare to unveil the knight's dark secrets!

Note: Further levels of the tower will be unlocked after June 17, 22:59 PST & upon completion of Unholy Tower's lv 100. 


So from this, it is clearly stating that after these 100 floors, the event will continue after June 17th. That’s fine and straight forward. Now let’s look at the picture. Note the white portion of Xenon’s smoke. That’s not his in-game smoke, there is a girl’s image in it; a girl with a crown and a scepter – like a princess.

Looking at Xenon’s three stages of evolution, each has slightly different lore attached:

An orphan found and adopted by Learyl who went on to become commander of the Elysian Army. He started working for the royal family as Princess Estia's playmate and pageboy. With the swordsmanship Learyl taught him, Xenon was selected to join the royal army at the tender age of 15. He swore to dedicate his life and skills to the kingdom that gave him a home.

An orphan found and adopted by Learyl who went on to become commander of the Elysian Army. He grew rapidly in strength and skill under his foster father's guidance, and it didn't take long for him to climb the military ranks. Upon clinching a battle royale victory, the king appointed Xenon as the commander of the royal army, entrusting the kingdom's safety to him.

It's speculated that when the gods started their attack, King Radmuhl of Elysian was torn between putting up a fight or abandoning his kingdom. As the La Veda Republic fell to the power of the gods, unwilling to leave his throne, the king ordered his finest knight to take his daughter to safety, which Xenon dutifully did. However, neither of them expected that destiny had something else in store…

So to review, Xenon was an Orphan the Elysian Kingdom’s Learyl adopted. Xenon worked for the royal family, became Princess Estia’s playmate, and entered the military. After a winning a battle for the royalty, the king made him commander of the royal army. When the gods attacked, the king sent Xenon to escort the princess to safety – which he did. However, something happened to the both of them.

So yea, the girl in the smoke has to be Princess Estia. The next stages of the Unholy Tower event will most likely be more levels to get to her with the ability to gain her as a unit if she drops. As for what the Dark Secret is, I’m uncertain. Possibly something twisted or vile happened to Estia, Xennon, or both. Again, this is all speculation, but I have a fairly good feeling about it.