Spaceforce Captains new Trailer available

November 28, 2007


JoWooD Productions is looking
forward to the release of the brand new turn-based strategy game Spaceforce
Captains. To give you an idea how exciting conquering new worlds can be, JoWooD
Production releases a brand new ingame trailer:

Click here to download the new
Spaceforce: Captains

About Spaceforce Captains Control
the fate of the galaxy in the classic-styled turn-based strategy game Spaceforce
-Captains that invites you to explore and conquer an entirely new space.

The game features several distinct
forms of game play, including gathering resources, role-playing, and strategy.

The basic elements of the game
involve developing a space station (space building structures that produce
resources, captains or ships) and conquering the space with a captain leading a
large fleet.


  • 3 campaigns with 24 missions
  • Includes adventure,
    management, action, RPG and tactic elements
  • Find your resources in
    asteroid mines and use them to build up your captains and their fleets.
  • There are more than 120
    individual captains with unique available.
  • develop over 200
    cutting-edge technologies and upgrade your fleet
  • 3D animated world with crisp
    graphics and storyline with side quests
  • unique features of each race
  • addictive RPG elements
  • multiplayer and map editor