Space Falcon Commander Now Available in App Store!

May 7, 2009

Space Falcon Commander Now
Available in App Store!

Rapid Turtle Games is proud to
announce that Space Falcon Commander, a classic arcade shoot ’em up game is now
available for the iPhone and iPod touch in the App Store!

Space Falcon Commander is a vertical
scrolling shoot ’em up game featuring 3D graphics, wide range of explosions and
visual effects, high quality music and sound effects, lots of bonuses and

The player is in the role of an
elite commander controlling an advanced space fighter: the Space Falcon. They
must stand as one-against-many strange aliens, mini-bosses and big bosses
invading the universe in more than 45 levels. It’s a simple plot of the game,
but it is made with gameplay as the most important factor in mind. Lots of
arcade fun, adrenalin pumping action and online "Hall of Fame" where players can
compete against other Space Falcon Commander players around the world!


  • More than 45 levels giving hours
    of playtime

  • Beautiful 3D graphics with wide
    range of explosions and visual effects

  • High quality music and sound
    effects – Many different aliens, big bosses and dozens of mini-bosses

  • Wide range of power-ups, special
    weapons and bonuses

  • High score saving and online high
    scores submission

  • Easy to learn but hard to put away
    gameplay – Available in languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian,
    Dutch and Hungarian

The game is published by Chillingo,
and is available for iPhone and iPod touch for $0.99.