Space Rift trailer shows what you can expect


VR space adventure game, Space Rift, recently received it's first trailer to show off what players can expect from the game which will launch on steam this summer.

Space Rift,  by developer Vibrant Core, claims to offer a large-scale VR adventure. It will put you in the role of a spaceship pilot and allow you to explore the vastness of open space and gather minerals to fight for mankind after civilization has been devastated by a meteor shower and moved to Mars.

The game has a strong focus on VR, which isn't available for those of us that haven't yet moved on to virtual reality. But for those that have, the cockpit offers a panoramic view and like other VR games claims to offer a unique, immersive experience. The game is set for a release this July, via Steam. And will work for both Oculus and HTC Vive headsets.