SouthPeaks ‘Section 8’ Now Available for Xbox 360 in North America

September 1, 2009

SouthPeak’s ‘Section 8’
Now Available for Xbox 360 in North America

Evolution of Sci-Fi
Shooter Blasts New Ground with Multiplayer Gameplay


SouthPeak Games
announced today that its massive sci-fi shooter,
Section 8™
, for the Xbox 360®
video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, has shipped to all North
American retailers, with the Games for Windows LIVE version available this
Friday. Section 8 casts
players as futuristic, armor-clad soldiers who perform meteoric dives onto
the battlefield, where they battle with up to 40 players on Windows PC or 32
on Xbox 360 for control of the immense cosmic landscapes.


Developed by
TimeGate Studios, Section 8
opens up the tactical possibilities of team-based shooters by placing
players in vast, open battlefields, and giving them the ability to Burn-In
anywhere they choose from 15,000 feet above the map. In addition, every
player in the game is equipped with a jetpack and an overdrive sprint
ability, which they can use to quickly get to any objective and attack from
any angle.


“Under a
familiar veneer of power armor and guns, TimeGate has carved out its own
niche by designing something special," said Richard Iggo, VP of Marketing at
SouthPeak. "Players will get schooled if they go into this expecting the
same old multiplayer combat. Spraying and praying will result in a pretty
quick death and fans of a certain Spartan won’t last long unless they can
adjust to truly tactical combat. They have to think; using tactics beyond
simple run-and-gun such as selecting loadouts and deployables and how to
coordinate their squad for maximum lethality. It’s the game that TimeGate,
as massive fans of the multiplayer FPS genre, wanted to make and they’ve
succeeded in delivering a gamer’s game; a benchmark of gameplay excellence.” 

Section 8

allows players to join the epic conflict between the 8th Armored Infantry –
nicknamed ‘Section 8’ – and
the Arm of Orion by taking part in fierce combat across majestic alien
worlds. Players create their own unique game experiences by customizing
equipment Loadouts, and dramatically impact the flow of battle through
strategic vehicle and asset requisitions. Dynamic Combat Missions (DCMs) are
player-driven objectives, generated during the course of combat, that affect
gameplay with tangible rewards for completion. In addition to the deep
single-player campaign and multiplayer mode for up to 40 combatants,
Section 8
features an Instant
Action mode where players can challenge the game’s competitive AI on any of
the multiplayer maps. For the competitive gamer,
Section 8
will implement an
online stats portal on Friday, September 11, which boasts a phenomenal
in-depth stat-tracking system, showing clan and individual rankings on over
50 unique fully-searchable Leaderboards. 

Section 8

is the first Xbox 360 title to allow players to host their own dedicated
servers using a Windows®-based PC. These “X Servers” will support up to 32
players for Xbox 360. Windows PC users can play on dedicated servers with up
to 40 players. When dedicated servers are not used,
Section 8
supports up to 16
players on Windows PC and Xbox 360. More information about the X Server
software is available on the official Section 8 website.


Section 8

is available now in North America on Xbox
360 for the suggested retail price of $59.99 and will be available this
Friday, September 4, on Games for Windows LIVE for $49.99 and is rated T for
Teen. Section 8 will be
available on September 11 in the UK and Asia Pacific, and September 18 in the rest
of Europe.


For more
information on the game, X Server, player stats, and to join the community,
visit the official site at