SouthPeak Announces Roogoo for XBLA and PC

February 12, 2007




Save the
Planet in this Imaginative Multiplayer Puzzle Game


SouthPeak Games today
announced Roogoo for Xbox LIVE® Arcade and Windows-based PC, slated for
release this April. Developed by SpiderMonk Entertainment, Roogoo is an
innovative and unusual 3D puzzle game that has players guide and stack
different shaped blocks through various platforms to not only save planet
Roo, but the entire Roogoo race.


“Roogoo is a rare,
multi-player puzzle game that combines compulsive play and an engaging
storyline,” said Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Games. “The game’s intuitive
controls, unique charm, and production quality, will compel anyone to pick
up and play but also challenge those looking to be the guru of Roogoo.”


Roogoo tasks players with
guiding meteors in the form of shaped blocks though a series of rotating
disks as a means of saving planet Roo and the entire Roogoo race. If aligned
correctly, the disks allow the blocks to reach the ground and scores are
awarded. Various obstacles and enemies will impede the blocks’ movement and
with the flow of meteor blocks steadily increasing as the game progresses,
players will have to think on their feet to save the Roogoo and rack up
seriously high scores.


The new puzzle game
features more than 45 puzzle levels with single-player, two-player split
screen and party game modes. Roogoo introduces bonus challenges and stages
as the game progresses with new shapes and characters.


“We set out to build an
addictive, casual game that would be easy to play yet difficult to master,”
said Scott March, President at SpiderMonk Entertainment. “SouthPeak gave us
the freedom to push the limits of creativity and it resulted in a game that
is truly different and has something for everyone. Not only do we have solid
gameplay mechanics, but we have added a story element to the experience to
really keep players engaged.”


Roogoo on Windows-based PC includes high-end and low-end versions on the
same disc to ensure PC compatibility with system requirements. More
information about Roogoo coming soon.