SouthPeak Announces Mister Slime for DS

March 4, 2008


Slimy, Stretchy Adventure Coming
To Nintendo DS in April 2008

SouthPeak Games today announced that
it will release the action adventure game, Mister Slime, in North America. The
title, developed by Lexis Numérique, features clever “elastic” controls using
Nintendo DS™’s unique features. Mister Slime will be available in April, 2008.

“Fresh, tactile, fun, and addictive.
That is what Mister Slime is all about,” said Katie Morgan, Executive Vice
President of SouthPeak Games. “The title’s creative features, imaginative
characters, and great storyline make for a crazy, one-of-a-kind,
can’t-put-it-down gameplay experience. Mister Slime is awesome right from the

As the young but determined hero
Mister Slime, players set off on an exhilarating adventure, trying to protect
Slime Village from its evil enemies, the Axons. Using the touch screen and
stylus, players must navigate the levels by dragging and stretching Mister
Slime’s arms to grab hold of small anchor points scattered throughout the game.
Mister Slime features inventive uses of characteristics specific to Nintendo DS,
including sound and shape recognition. As an example, players are able to blow
on Mister Slime to make him fly in the air or to help him breathe under water.

“We wanted to take an old-school 2D
side-scroller and update it with innovative features and gameplay specific to
the platform,” said Djamil Kemal, Development Director at Lexis Numérique. “The
advanced physics engine combined with elasticity, and interaction with many
different objects creates a very engaging gameplay experience. There is nothing
else out there like it.”

Mister Slime will feature both
single and multiplayer game modes with a huge variety of level design. All
together, Mister Slime will keep gamers busy for hours trying to stretch and
manipulate their way through the wonderful world of slime.