South Korean laser tanks function as scarecrows at airports

To be fair, with the amount of daily upgrades to the old world and technological advances… it was about time scarecrows got an upgrade.  The whole stick man with farmers clothes in the middle of a filed somewhere is obsolete and a bit cliché at this point.  What we need is a robot.  No, a laser robot!  The Korean Atomic Energy Group (terrifying name) and a subsidiary of LG have put this exact project together. 

This robot is eight feet long and weighs 1.2 tons, it’s basically a car.  While it doesn’t look like a scarecrow whatsoever, it functions exactly like one.  This mobile tank is unmanned but controlled remotely.  This scarecrow 2.0 has cameras that detects birds then shoots harmless lasers and strange patters towards birds to shoo them away.

I mean, if you have someone one controlling this vehicle, is it REALLY a scarecrow?  While it is awesome, couldn’t you pay that guy driving it remotely to just run around the runways like a crazy person?  Why is all this technology necessary?  Hmmm.

On second thought, maybe this is a bit excessive.  Dat paint job.

[Gizmodo via Gizmag]

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