Source: PS4 release date ‘not set in stone yet’

We know what it looks like and we know the price, but we still don't know when the PlayStation 4 will actually release. Heck, we don't even know the month; only that it'll be sometime during the "Holiday 2013" period. While I take that as sometime in November — you don't want to miss Black Friday after all — there is a reason Sony has been quiet when it comes to a more specific date.

"We actually don't know the launch date," a source who is currently developing a launch title for the PS4 told me. "That's because the [PS4] launch date is not set in stone yet.

"I'm assuming it's before Black Friday," he said. "I'd be surprised if it's not by then, but that's just me. That's when we're shooting for."

As for why Sony has yet to commit to a date, the developer guessed that "they are probably just trying to see and make sure they launch with enough hardware, and get all the logistics taken care of."

Although Sony confirmed the PS4 will play used games, support offline play, and be region-free, there are still plenty of kinks to work out — especially since it was revealed that third party publishers still control the DRM on their own games. Despite the minor confusion that arose afterward, the developer was still pleased with Sony's press conference.

"I'm very happy with everything that was announced yesterday," he told me. "They did us a great service."

Even though we don't yet know the official release date of the PS4, many retailers have begun taking pre-orders for the $399 console. Have you pre-ordered your PS4 yet?