Sound Shapes gets vehicles, community albums via DLC

New content is available for Sound Shapes today in the form of vehicle DLC and a free album update. If you're a fan of the game and have been thoroughly enjoying it since its launch this past summer, there are a couple of reasons to be excited.

The first bit of DLC for Sound Shapes is the brand new Car Mini-Album and Creator Pack, which is available for $1.99. This add-on includes two vehicles, new Campaign stages, and a full sound pack. Also included in the DLC are brand new level features such as loops and speed boosts. Rounding out the package are new Beat School lessons and Trophies.

In addition to paid DLC, there's also a free update for Sound Shapes. The Community Milkcrate features six albums containing a total of 35 new songs. Each level was designed by fans and has been selected by the developers to showcase some of the top talent of the community.

Offline play is also being added to Sound Shapes as part of today's free update. You'll be able to download user-generated levels and play them when you're not connected to the internet. This should certainly come as a pleasant surprise for Vita owners.

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