SoulCalibur V graffiti art spotlight

I often feel that spray-paint has too strong of a negative connotation attached to it.  Spray-paint like nearly all other art forms can be quite appealing and downright awesome.  Mix some great artists, massive skill, and SoulCalibur V and now you’re talking awesome.

This three day process in Shereditch, London, gave the area four beautifully crafted SCV murals.  The art featured Ezio, Patroklos, the SCV logo, and Nightmare.  The game’s developer, Namco Bandai, teamed up with ENDoftheLINE to create these 16 meter wall features.  The spray-painter was ENDoftheLINE’s creative director Jim Rockwell.   

The art is currently displayed for the public of London to casually observe and take in.  If you are unable to get to London in time, the video below shows a sped up version of the three day process of creating the four murals.  Enjoy the art below.