Soul Sacrifice’s Leviathan monster and Ghost mode detailed

One of the most enticing games for PlayStation Vita is Soul Sacrifice, which Mega Man designer Keiji Inafune envisioned. (He also produced Onimusha and Dead Rising.)

The founder of studio Comcept recently unveiled two new aspects of the game: the monster Leviathan and Ghost mode.

The Leviathan originates from a story of two prices: one extremely talented and the other a cruel and embittered failure. When the elder and more successful brother assumes the throne, the jealous sibling wishes that his pet crocodile — one of the many animals he's collected and also one that he's tormented — could kill his new king. Suddenly, he hears a strange voice, and magic floods his body.

Unfortunately, that's all Inafune revealed of the tale. We'll have to find out more when Soul Sacrifice releases sometime this winter.

He was more specific about Ghost mode, which is part of the game's co-op multiplayer experience. Inafune says you can use yourself and allies as catalysts for magic instead of playing purely offensively or defensively. That includes stopping time with magic to allow your friends to attack or aiding the dying with healing power, among other possibilities.

Ghost mode lets you continue to help your fellow players even after you die. You can observe the status of both enemies and allies, strengthen your team, or weaken enemies by touching them onscreen.

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