Soul Sacrifice Delta receiving Freedom Wars DLC; release date revealed

Just because a game hasn’t released in North America yet, doesn’t mean we can’t get in on it anyway.

Soul Sacrifice Delta is bringing North America a little bit of Freedom Wars in a free content download. Free DLC updates are always welcome in our book.

This Freedom Wars crossover DLC will bring some new outfits and a boss to Panopticon!

SSD FW Crossover DLC

Good luck fighting that guy.

To download it just hit the “Download” button on the title screen, head over to the “Otherworld Pacts” in the “Additional Pacts” section and claim your gifts.

Heads up, Freedom Wars just got an official release date for the west and Europe. Expect to get your hands on it October 28th in North America and October 29th in Europe.

Are you planning on buying Freedom Wars? Let me know!