Sony to Give PSN Users Two Free Games as Apology for Outage

The folks over at Sony want gamers to know how sorry they are for all of the craziness over the past couple of weeks. To show their remorse, the PlayStation 3 manufacturer will be offering two free games to PSN users who recently experienced the service outage on their consoles. This is a nice gesture and a good way for Sony to lead what may be a series of apologetic acts.

Gamers can only choose from a collection of five pre-selected games. Let’s hope these are actually good. It’s not much of an apology if the company offers their weakest titles.

Sony will also extend the offer to PSP owners. Gamers who own the portable machine can choose from four games, and they will be given two free titles, as well. Again, let’s hope Sony gives PSP gamers an impressive selection. The last thing gamers want on their handheld system are two new helpings of shovelware.

Additionally, North American PSN users will be granted identity theft protection, as stated by Kaz Hirai and Howard Stringer. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is currently looking into offering the same protection for European PSN users. It’s good that Sony is taking steps to protect users from future debacles like the recent PSN hacking. Here’s hoping security for the service is strong from now on.