Sony Reveals New Starhawk Details

In 2007, Sony and developer Icognito released Warhawk, a sci-fi shooter that allowed players to fight on foot, in massive tanks, or in the air. The game was critically acclaimed and quickly gained a loyal fan base on the PlayStation 3. The game brought something new and exciting to Sony’s current home platform and provided excellent multiplayer combat for gamers to enjoy.

Sony is now preparing to launch Starhawk, a spiritual successor of sorts to Warhawk that retains all of the elements that made the game so special. It also offers plenty of new features. Like the game it’s based on, Starhawk will feature three types of combat. Players can commandeer tanks, battle enemies on foot, or take control of armed aircraft. Several different types of weapons are at their disposal, and using the game’s Build & Battle system, they can summon turrets, bases, bunkers, and other structures during battle. According to Sony, this gameplay element will allow players to customize the Starhawk experience on the fly as they battle against the opposition.

The game will focus heavily on multiplayer gameplay, but developer Lightbox Interactive will exponentially expand the online features and functionality that were found in Warhawk. In addition to the game’s multiplayer modes, Starhawk players will have access to event calendars, leaderboards, tournaments, and clan management features. If that’s not enough to keep online players busy, an Android app will allow quick access to stats and friend list management.

Unlike Warhawk, Starhawk will also feature a deep single-player mode. The game’s story takes place several years in the future. Players assume the role of Emmett Graves, a partially mutated man who finds himself shunned by the humans, known as Rifters, and the Outcast, fully mutated beasts who were once human.

Starhawk certainly poses an interesting premise. And if it can successfully build on its stellar predecessor’s successful formula, PlayStation 3 owners are sure to rejoice once this title hits Sony’s home console. Watch out for Starhawk, which will land on PlayStation 3 in 2012.