Sony Online Entertainment Announces Dire Covenant

October 28, 2009

Sony Online Entertainment Announces Dire Covenant

The 12th Expansion of PoxNora® is Scheduled for a
Mid-November Launch

Mysterious forces collide in Dire Covenant, the 12th expansion
of PoxNora. A new campaign introduces four encounters to take players into the
mystery behind the cataclysmic events taking place after a disastrous earthquake
drives fear into the heart of every faction. Enemies become allies and former
allies wage war against each other. Who is the mysterious figure behind these
dark events? Join the battle to find out!

Gain a detailed look at the world of PoxNora and explore like
never before with a new, fully interactive world map feature that takes players
from the mountains of Ironfist Stronghold to the bogs of Forglar Swamp.

Dire Covenant Features:

New Runes: Utilize 72 new runes, including new champions,
spells, equipment and relics.

New Abilities: Over 50 new abilities, including the new
“Channel” mechanic allowing players to spend Nora for a temporary stat boost.

New Player Avatars: Player Avatars will now be able to reach a
level of 40, increasing their power and bringing powerful allies to the

Dire Covenant, currently in development at Sony Online
Entertainment’s Tucson studio, is scheduled to launch mid-November.

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