Sony Integrates Java into PS2






of Java Network Content Becomes Available on PlayStation 2 Computer
Entertainment System


FRANCISCO, June 4, 2001 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI), the global
leader in the computer entertainment world, announced today that it would
integrate the Java platform developed by Sun Microsystems Inc. (Sun) into the
PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system to be available by the end of
2001. This is SCEI’s further step to realize the company’s overall strategy to
lead the broadband-networked era.


integrating Java technologies into PlayStation 2, its ability further extends
to downloading new applications and services dynamically from the network in a
highly secured manner. Through this, PlayStation 2 owners will be able to
access to millions of Java applications that exist on the current Internet.

availability of Java on PlayStation 2 also enables the easy connection and
communication with other Java enabled clients such as wireless handsets, PDAs,
interactive televisions and other network devices. It will become possible to
enjoy various Java based applications including simple games, such as those
available on mobile phones, on a cross platform basis.


aims to create a new world of entertainment by merging games with
communication," said Shinichi Okamoto, senior vice president and CTO of
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. "It is a clear solution that PlayStation
2 supports Java. By collaborating with Sun, we hope to accelerate bringing in
the open and secure network communication into the future."


plan to integrate Java technology into PlayStation 2 represents a significant
milestone in the adoption and availability of Java technology for the global
home entertainment market," said Patricia C. Sueltz, executive vice
president, Software Systems Group of Sun Microsystems Inc. "The
combination of Java technologies and PlayStation 2 forms a powerful platform
which will allow consumers to easily and safely access a wide array of network
applications and services in their homes."


PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Sony Computer Entertainment will create and
develop a new world of computer entertainment for the broadband era through
the fusion of game, music, movies, and broadcasting.


Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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