Sony Files Patent for a Console Adapter to Bridge a New-gen Console to Previous-gen Console

Siliconera has stumbled onto a patent filing by Sony that seems to show an adapter of some sort that allows users to connect one of their consoles to one of their previous-generation consoles. For example a connecting a PlayStation 3 to a PlayStation 2.

The patent was filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ). At this time, we don’t know what such a device’s function would be, since it seems that you connect two independent running consoles together. Perhaps we will one day be able to transfer games and game saves from our PS2 to our PS3 and save it on the HDD? Maybe Sony just wants to make sure that both consoles stay in the living room somehow. Wishful thinking is that it lets users transfer save data to their PlayStation 3 or something along those lines. Then again, a patent filing may be nothing more than ideas being thrown around PlayStation HQ just in case they ever find a practical use for it. Even then, there is nothing to say that the devices in the diagram are current-gen systems, either.

Via Siliconera