Sony cuts PS2 allocation






cuts PS2 allocation


admitted today that it would not be able to meet its pre-Christmas PlayStation
2 allocation of 200,000, with UK retailers instead battling for a share of


Sony could not give an exact figure of how many PS2s it has sold through its
pre-order campaign, it is thought that there are still "pockets" of
retailers that have not sold their allocation yet. Sony confirmed that all
remaining pre-order forms in circulation will be recalled, but if more than
165,000 pre orders have been made, Sony faces the embarrassment of telling
some consumers to wait until the new year.


news comes as a blow not just to expectant retailers and consumers, but the
many publishers that have invested heavily in producing titles in the
expectation of there being a much higher installed base.


Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK spokesman David Wilson urged the industry to
get the news into perspective: "165,000 sales of PlayStation 2 in the UK
before Christmas will still stand as a fantastic achievement", and said
today that despite the shortfall, Sony is still confident of delivering three
million PAL units by the end of its financial year, March 31st 2001.