Sony working to restore PSN following DDOS attack

As we reported earlier, PlayStation Network is down following a reported DDOS attack by a "hacker" group named Lizard Squad. Though, it has since come out that the real person responsible is someone on Twitter who goes by the name "FamedGod."

In any case, attempting to login to PSN results in a number of error codes, including: NW31456-9, which reads "Cannot connect to the server within the time limit," and NW-31201-7, which reads "Cannot connect to the server."

Both essentially mean the same thing, you will be unable to access PSN or any of its online functionality, including looking at trophies, accessing certain apps, and playing games online.

SOE president John Smedley was the first to acknowledge the DDOS attack, telling fans it's "almost under control now." He's since posted several updates explaining the problem, as it relates to SOE — not necessarily PSN. It still gives you an idea as to what Sony is up against.

Sony has also responded to the DDOS attack, but didn't nearly go into the same amount of depth as Smedley. Rather, they have simply provided a more general update on the status of PSN, telling fans they are aware of the issues and working to resolve them.

Vague, but to the point I suppose.

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