Sony working on ‘super slim’ PS3?

What happens when you take a slim PlayStation 3 and make it even thinner? You get the Super Slim PS3 which Sony is allegedly preparing to reveal – perhaps at Gamescom.

Documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission reveal Sony Computer Entertainment's plan to release a new "super slim" PS3 model with the 4000 series label. Sony is reportedly trimming the fat on the slim PS3 model, currently on the 3000 series.

According to Eurogamer, Sony is rumored to be making a big announcement at Gamescom next month. Could it be an even slimmer PlayStation 3 console? Releasing two major revisions of its hardware is unprecedented for a modern platform holder, but doing so could likely lower production costs and, in return, retail prices for the PS3. This could give the PS3 some more shelf life if Sony were to announce a next-gen PS4.

Last month, SCE chief executive Andrew House said Sony will not make an announcement regarding the rumored PlayStation 4 until the technology proves to be a "significant leap" from the current generation of consoles.