Sony urges patience for ‘supply constrained’ PS4 camera

Sony has acknowledged that the PlayStation Camera for the PS4 is "severely supply constrained," while admitting they underestimated demand for the peripheral.

Speaking during a presentation at the Game Developers Conference (via Gamespot), Sony senior staff developer support engineer Chris Norden urged gamers to "please be patient" as Sony works to replenish supply. Unfortunately, he couldn't offer a timetable as to when more units will be available.

Norden also revealed that the camera has an attach rate of around 15 percent. Given the 6 million PlayStation 4s sold worldwide, that puts the camera at about 900,000 units sold. Unlike the Xbox One's Kinect peripheral, Sony's camera is not included with the PlayStation 4; instead, it's sold separately for $59.99, though GameStop recently raised its price to $69.99.