Sony ‘The Reload’ ad teases important October 23rd date, and maybe another announcement?

It appears that Sony is readying itself for some sort of announcement on October 23, 2012. Today, Sony released a short, 16-second advertisement teaser called "The Reload" on its PlayStation YouTube channel.

The clip, which can be seen below, features a woman sitting at a desk examining a weapon when the power mysteriously goes out. The first thing to notice is it appears to be the same woman from the famous "For Michael" ad that Sony released last year, celebrating some of Sony's iconic video game characters and a fictitious gamer named Michael who helped them on their adventures.

Also present in the video is a sign on the desk that says "SARU! GET YOU!", a reference to Sony's Ape Escape franchise. Probably the most notable feature in this clip is when the power goes out and you hear the electrical sound indicating Cole from the inFAMOUS franchise.

While the video could be foreshadowing some sort of announcement (possibly a new inFAMOUS game?), it's most likely for the upcoming PlayStation Store redesign which is set to go live on October 23, 2012 — the same date shown at the end of the video.

Each person will likely take their own meaning away from the teaser. For me, the title of the video plus the date at the end seems pretty evident it's for the PlayStation Store design update. However, others maintain hope that we'll be hearing about a new inFAMOUS game relatively soon. For others, the fact that it's the same woman from the Michael ad could mean a continuation for the ad campaign, perhaps with new characters appearing in the future.

Let's just hope Bridgestone isn't going after this new lady as well. **See the Bridgestone, Nintendo, Sony debacle