Sony teases PS4 console ahead of tomorrow’s next Xbox reveal

Hold on a second while I get my popcorn ready. This next-gen console war between Microsoft and Sony is going to be vicious. After Major Nelson's dig at Sony for the PS4 reveal — or lackthereof — back in February, you could just sort of tell that the back and forth between the two platform holders, jostling for the limelight, was going to all-new levels of hatred this year. And the latest proof is evident in Sony's brand new teaser for the PlayStation 4.

On the eve of Microsoft's grand unveiling of the next generation Xbox, Sony has released a teaser for the PlayStation 4 console. The teaser really doesn't show much at all, but it's enough to remind us about it. It's enough to have it engrained in the back of our head during tomorrow's Xbox unveiling. As Microsoft shows off their new, fancy console, we'll constantly be comparing it to what the PS4 will offer. Smart move, Sony.

So, we see a blurry image of a black box, a few vents, some sleek edges; the real PS4 console reveal is coming at E3 in June. In all likelihood this was Sony sending a reminder to Microsoft that they are here to play hard ball. The sole spotlight won't be had so easily.

The actual PlayStation 4 hardware will be shown off during Sony's PlayStation E3 Press Conference on June 10th at 6:00pm Pacific Time. Meanwhile, tomorrow's next Xbox unveiling begins at 10:00am Eastern Time.