Sony targeting 2013 release for PS4, considered download-only at first

The PlayStation 4 – codenamed Orbis – hasn't been announced or even acknowledged by Sony yet, but is "targeting" a 2013 release for the rumored next-gen console.

According to the Wall Street Journal, sources familiar with the PS4 not only suggested the 2013 release date, but indicated that Sony, at one point, considered a "download-only plan" for its next console.

Ultimately, the company decided to include an optical disc drive and abandoned the idea of download-only, but not for reasons you may think.

"Sony decided against a download-only model largely because Internet connections are too inconsistent around the world," one of the WSJ sources said. "Because game files are large, customers in countries where Internet connections are relatively slow would be hobbled by a requirement to download games."

Sony declined to comment on the speculation.  Regardless of why Sony decided to include an optical disc drive, I'm sure many PlayStation fans are happy.