Sony allegedly surveying users on PSN ID name changes

Oh really now?

The upcoming PlayStation 4 System Software Update, 5.50, was detailed to include a number of features last week. Unfortunately, none of these features are the much requested PlayStation Network ID changes.

PlayStation fans have been requesting PSN ID name changes for a long time now and it appears as though Sony is looking into it as a viable option. According to a report from PushSquare, Sony is sending out a survey on PlayStation Network name changes.

An anonymous source contacted PushSquare with an alleged email from Sony that asks whether or not gamers are interested in a feature to change their PSN ID. While the email asks plenty of questions and details how it would work, the email states that the feature may not be added.

Beyond questioning whether or not users would like this feature, the survey also suggests how the feature could work. According to the survey, name changes would be free, however, they would be limited to once every six months.

If users regret changing their name and would like to return to an older PSN ID, they would have to contact customer support.

It’s interesting that Sony would (allegedly) be sending out emails to verify whether or not PlayStation owners would be interested in the feature. PlayStation executives have been pestered on when PSN ID name changes would be coming for years now. Most recently, PlayStation executive Shawn Layden said that name changes could come within a year.

Sony has not made an official comment on the survey. Interestingly enough, various forums, where the news has been shared, haven’t seen an individual claiming to have received this email as well.