Sony shares recent sales figures for PlayStation Vita

The NPD Group has reported console and software sales for April. While Microsoft continues to lead hardware sales with the Xbox 360, Sony and Nintendo did not share exact figures.

However, Sony is opening up about the PlayStation Vita. According to the company, the handheld pushed 1.8 million units by the end of March after launching in December in Japan and February in North America and Europe.

"The last year, we sold 1.8 million units for US, Japan, Asia and Europe," said CEO Kaz Hirai through a translator. "And as a starting phase, I think it was a good start."

Sony predicts sales of 16 million for both the PSP and Vita combined this financial year (April 2012 through March 2013). One analyst from Ace Consulting expected 6 million of that total to come from the PSP, and Hirai seemed to agree, saying, "The volume is as you imagined." That leaves the Vita to make up for the remaining 10 million by next March.

"A game platform, like Vita — the software is the key to success, how good the software is," Hirai said. "We have to reinforce the software area in order to improve the business, that is the basic line."

Do you think Vita can manage that number?

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