Sony shares first official box art for PlayStation 5 games

Cohesive language design with the console

Sony’s Senior Director of Communication Sid Shuman has a treat for PlayStation fans who are eager to finally step into the future of gaming with the PlayStation 5. We already know what the actual console looks and now we have an idea about how the physical game cases look.

Seeing an image of an empty case would be awfully boring though, so what better game to use for the occasion than the arguably biggest PS5 launch title Spider-Man Miles Morales. Check it out here!

Each time a new console generation dawns upon the gaming world, it’s a huge occasion. They happen so rarely, basically once a decade, and define the same amount of time in terms of what gamers can look forward to experience with their preferred way of digital entertainment.

Technical specifications and games are obviously the major point of attention for gamers since they most directly affect them. But the physical design of the actual console inadvertently gets connected inside our minds with the gaming experience. We still fondly remember the George Foreman grill PS3 as much as the sleek rubber original PS4 to this day.

One aspect gamers arguably value as much as the console itself is the look of their games, with collectors proudly presenting their library on dedicated shelves. And we’re not only talking about the cover art here. Specifically, the actual game box design that distinguishes each platform.

Sony has an illustrious history in this space, with the PS3 experiencing sort of an identity crisis when it changed mid-life from the early design with the infamous Spider-man font to a more reserved style.

Now, we know what the game box design of PlayStation 5 games is going to look like and there’s no doubt, it’s going to be controversial. In that sense, it’s a perfect fit for the actual console which has been compared to a router. But nonetheless, the prominent white of the console has made the jump to the game boxes.