Sony’s teased image name reveals it will be God of War

It appears as if Sony's teased image will be a new God of War game.  As spotted by an astute NeoGAF user, the name of the teaser image that was posted a few days ago is "ps_gow-teaser_12371_hp.swf".

The "gow", of course, short for God of War.

What it doesn't reveal, however, is if this will be God of War IV for the PS3 or a new God of War game for the PlayStation Vita.

Sony originally posted the image on the PlayStation Facebook page.  The line "Will vengeance bring redemption?" immediately sparked conversation of a new God of War game.  We aren't 100% certain, but I'd bet my job that this is what it'll be. 

We should find out more tomorrow as the original image also included the date 4/19/12.  Check back tomorrow to find out more!