Sony’s PlayStation 3 gains certification through China’s red tape

If you’re a Chinese gamer and Sony fan, boy do I have some news for you.  The certification for Sony PlayStation 3 has been approved in China as of today.  First World of Warcraft, now PlayStation 3 in China?  It would appear like the Chinese policies are finally getting more lenient when it comes to gaming; which is great news for the repressed gamers there.    

The ‘China Compulsory Certificate’ approval occurred in July for the CECH-3012 160 GB and 320 GB models.  The reason these older models are allowed but not the newer ones is a bit odd to me.  With all this said, Sony still has some ways to go until the company can actually start selling their gaming consoles in Chinese markets. 

This appears to be another step to getting gaming consoles in China.  While there seems to be some more hoops to jump through with all this, the fact that the certification passed is good news. 

Soon Chinese gamers, soon.

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