Sony’s new PS4 ad pokes fun at Xbox One

Remember those congratulations Sony offered to Microsoft for today's launch of the Xbox One? I knew it was a trap.

A new PlayStation 4 ad by Sony subtly pokes fun at Microsoft's next-gen console with a declaration of play for gamers who "refuse to be boxed in."

See what they did there? Don't worry, just watch the next the part where Sony mentions the pixelated "jaw dropping graphics." Notice the pixelation? Undoubtedly poking fun at Xbox One's 720p resolution.

So much for those "congratulations." Those sure seem to be short-lived. Personally, I see nothing wrong with — just some good ol' healthy competition with the rival. I think you can still respect a rival company's milestone while still taking shots at it.

What do you think — clever marketing or a shot below the belt?