Sony’s “Big” Marketing: PS Vita makes appearance in new Resident Evil Retribution trailer

Sony is doing everything they can to ensure the success of the PlayStation Vita, including advertising the handheld in the new Resident Evil Retribution trailer released a few days ago. 

"My name is Anna and this is my world," a lady says while holding up the PlayStation Vita (around the 15 second mark).

It's not much, but it's just one of the few things Sony has up its sleeve in what they consider to be their "biggest campaign ever".

In Early January Sony's UK marketing manager Mark Bowles indicated that "the PS Vita launch will be supported by the biggest campaign we've ever executed," promising that "this level of activity will continue throughout 2012."

That means we can probably expect some more PS Vita product placement in other movie trailers.  Bowles confirmed that the Vita's launch will be supported by a "heavyweight TV, press, outdoor and retail presence".

With the Vita only about a month away from its launch in the United States and Europe, we should expect the advertising and product placement to ramp up in the coming days and weeks leading up to release.

The Vita isn't the only Sony product to make an appearance as the entire opening sequence of the trailer is littered with Sony products like the Vita, Tablet S and Sony smartphone.  The Resident Evil movie franchise has already lost any credibility it might have once had with fans of the game, so this type of product placement shouldn't really upset anyone.

Given the overall premise of the movie I have to wonder, was this really a smart move by Sony?  I mean, are they saying that Sony and its large line of consumer electronics will be the end of society and lead to an all-out zombie apocalypse?