Sony releases E3 2014 app for PlayStation 4, offers more PlayStation Now beta invites

A new PS4 app will bring all of Sony’s E3 activities right to your console, and give you another shot to get in on the PlayStation Now beta.

“Once we’ve announced everything at the press conference and the show floor opens on June 10th at 12pm PDT,” the announcement reads, “you’ll be able to check out some screenshots and trailers of the games at our booth. You’ll also see some other things we’ll be unveiling, and an overview of our current and future services, like PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.”

Clearly, streaming their E3 conference to dozens of theaters wasn’t enough for Sony. However, this app will do more than expand their coverage; it also includes a reward system of sorts, allowing active users to rack up points and unlock a few goodies like Music Unlimited or Amazon Prime subscriptions.

More importantly, 6,000 PlayStation Now beta invites will be given out starting at the time of Sony’s conference. Better sign in early if you want a shot at one.

[via Gematsu]

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