Sony: PlayStation 4 sales advantage is ‘really not’ that important

Though Sony has jumped out to an early lead in the “console war” in terms of units sold, PlayStation marketing VP John Koller tells CVG that the lead is “really not” that important.

"We look at it really just introspectively. The '4.2 million' number is important because it gets us further towards our goal," Koller said. "And that goal is the largest install base we can possibly get–to encourage publishers and developers to continue to make great game experiences for PS4."

That doesn’t mean that Sony ignores the number of units sold for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which currently sit at 4.2 million and 3.0 million, respectively. Rather than taunting the figures, Koller says it gives the company an “opportunity” to expand.

"I mean, sure, we all look at the competition and see where people are, but for us we've got to keep growing, getting bigger and bigger," Koller said. "I think we've got a great opportunity specifically because we've got a great product."

Both consoles should see a spike in sales in early 2014 with Infamous: Second Son coming to PlayStation 4 and Titanfall coming to Xbox One.

Will Sony and the PlayStation 4 continue to sell more than the Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

Source: [CVG