Sony in no rush to unveil PS4, waiting patiently for Microsoft

It seems the race between Sony and Microsoft to unveil a new console — presumably the PS4 and Xbox 720 — is moving at a snail's pace. Despite the constant rumors swirling around the internet, neither company has announced anything official regarding a next-gen Playstation or Xbox. What's the deal?

Well, as Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai put it, the company seems to be waiting for Microsoft to make the first move. In the Business section of The Times today, spotted by IGN, Hirai bluntly asked, "Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"

Given that both Sony and Microsoft are both supposedly working on new consoles simultaneously, it's hard to imagine a few weeks difference could really make much of an impact. If both the PS4 and Xbox 720 are as late in the development cycle as we've been led to believe, it'd be hard to change the specs of either so last minute. Unless, of course, neither company is as far as the rumors say they are.

Regardless, neither Sony nor Microsoft seem keen on taking themselves out of the next-gen console race by announcing it before the other. It used to be a race to be the first console out, now it's a race to be the last.

The last rumor we heard surrounding the PlayStation 4 was that Sony is looking to replace its signature DualShock controller in favor of a LCD touch screen-type controller.