Sony has no plans for PlayStation Vita price drop, focus is on ‘creating bundles’

When the PlayStation Vita first launched, many were quick to write it off once sales didn't live up to the hype the Vita received prior to release. This immediately led to rumors and speculation about price cuts for Sony's new handheld system.

Despite the rumors, Sony insists no strict price drop is planned for the Vita. Instead, the company is focusing on creating types of bundles "to give more value" – bundles like the recently revealed Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation bundle. Revealed at E3, this bundle will include a "crystal white" version of the Wi-fi model, the new Liberation game, and a 4GB memory card.

As for a price drop, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida emphasized, "No, no strict price drop."

"In terms of numbers, it's kind of understandable how things are going," he said during an interview. "We have a list of things we have to do. People are giving us feedback every day."

Aside from bundles, Sony is hoping more games will attract more consumers.

"The number one thing we have to, as people are asking, is more games; more games from third parties and us," he explained. "We are working on both fronts. We are also catering to smaller indie developers doing PlayStation Mobile titles so more and more peopel can create smaller contents for PS Vita as well as smartphones."

"So the number one priority is to work on more content," he added. "We are happy about how the hardware and platform has come about. Our hardware teams are still working on system software improvements."

Yoshida noted the recent announcement of "support of PSone classics".

"That effort still continues," Yoshida emphasized. "Our network services teams are also working hard to get more services on PS Vita. We are working with the hardware guys to use Vita and PS3 in combination and making games that can work on both systems or use the Vita as a controller for PS3 titles."

We're already beginning to see some of what Yoshida is referencing. MLB 12: The Show had the ability for players to take their PS3 console franchise on-the-go via the Vita version, although consumers had to purchase both individual copies. Sony did lower the price on them, and run promotions, to encourage users to purchase both ones.

It was also announced at E3 that the upcoming mascot brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, will also support cross-system play on the Vita and PS3 along with cross-save compatibility.

In the same interview, Yoshida confirmed that Sony is also "very happy" with how the PS3 is performing, in terms of sales, and sees no need for a price drop any time soon.

You can read the rest of this interview in the latest issue of GameInformer (Issue 232, Page 23).