Sony goes the way of Nintendo and unveils the PlayStation Classic

Anything you can do I can do better

Ever since Nintendo first brought the NES Classic, a nostalgia-filled miniature console, on the market two years ago, gaming fans have been clamoring for both Sega and Sony to produce their very own retro mini console. After all, these companies have been very long in the console business and thus became a positive part of many a gamer’s life.

Today, Sony is answering those prayers and unveils the PlayStation Classic. A tiny retro console packing some heavy nostalgia. Filled with 20 classic games from the PlayStation 1’s vast library, the PlayStation Classic is coming out this December 3rd for only $99.99. A steal considering the amount of games.

So, what are those 20 games Sony is claiming to be among the best during the PS1 console generation? Five titles have been unveiled today with more following towards the launch of the mini console. Indeed, there are some undeniable legends with iconic JRPGs like Final Fantasy VII and Wild Arms. Fans of arcade action will be happy to see Ridge Racer Type 4, arguably one of the best racers on the console. Visionary 3D fighting game Tekken 3 is also included in the box. The last of the games revealed today is Jumping Flash, arguably the least prominent of the five known games.

Size Comparison between the Classic and the Original
The only sticking point is the lack of Thumbsticks on the Controller

Of course, the games are of great importance but with nostalgic products like this, so is pretty much everything else. On that front, the PlayStation Classic is hitting all the right notes with a crazy cute miniature PS1 console, featuring all the details of the original. Since the PS Classic will not be using CDs, the lid for the optical drive cannot be opened but the Sony engineers are making great use of the button to open the lid for changing between the included games.

In terms of input, two of the original first version PS1 Controllers are included in the package. So, you will be able to enjoy couch Co-Op games just like 20 years ago. Sadly, the controllers are not sporting any thumbsticks, but Sony had to cut costs somewhere.

The PlayStation Classic looks like a great little piece of gaming equipment and will probably make lots of adults cheer in joy this Christmas.

If you grew up with the competing plastic box by Microsoft and are hoping for a similar Xbox Classic, we’d rather advise calming down. In a lighthearted jab at Sony’s newly announced retro console, Xbox UK boasted how their users don’t have to buy a new product to enjoy classic Xbox and Xbox 360 games. While that is true and the backwards compatibility of the Xbox One is a great feature, I somehow still imagine how nice a Xbox Classic would be. Just imagine the legendary Duke controller dwarfing the entire mini console.