Sony: Driveclub making ‘spectacular progress’

In the first "update" we've heard in quite a while, Sony has said that Evolution Studios is making "spectacular" progress on the development of Driveclub, the highly anticipated PS4 exclusive racer. Speaking to following yesterday's report of layoffs at Evolution Studios, SCEE assured that the game's development "going from strength to strength."

"The announced studio changes across WWS yesterday have not affected the development of Driveclub or the Driveclub team, which has always had great direction and continues to do so," the spokesperson said. "We have full confidence that the game will deliver on its PS4 promise to be the first truly socially connected racing title and we are very pleased and excited by the calibre of work from Evolution Studios."

"The progress being made on the game is spectacular," Sony continued, "so we're looking forward to sharing an update on development, release date and videos of the game in action in the weeks to come. We thank you for your patience and assure you, it will be worth the wait."

Driveclub was originally revealed a PlayStation 4 launch title, but was delayed shortly before the system's release until "early 2014." We've still yet to get a real major update regarding the games status and seeing as how we're heading towards the beginning of April, I think we can rule out the "early" part of 2014. Rumored release dates for the PS4 exclusive racer range from June to fall 2014. It was initially speculated that the delay was a result of Evolution trying to get the game compatibile with Project Morpheus, Sony's newly revealed Virtual Reality headset. Sony dismissed that rumor.