Sony details PS3 exclusive Datura

Sony has announced yet another PlayStation 3 exclusive, unveiling new PlayStation Move game Datura.

Teased last year, Datura was officially revealed at GDC.  The game is a collaboration between Sony Santa Monica Studio (God of War) and Plastic Studios, the creators of Linger in Shadows.

At this point, not much is known about the game, but Game Director Michal Staniszewski did drop a few details on the Sony blog.

"Finding yourself in a mysterious forest, you will navigate your way through the game by controlling your character’s hand using Playstation Move technology," he explained. "From here, you are immersed into the game’s unique experimental narrative and original way of interaction, which enables you to experience the world not only visually, but also empirically — an illusion that you can actually touch trees, faces, and other objects."

Datura takes an interesting approach toward narrative, one inspired from films.

"As you travel through the game, you will encounter choices and face your consequences. It is through these puzzles that Datura explores an element of anxiety: was it a right choice or a wrong choice?"

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe producer Jan Kuczynski said the game is playable with a standard PS3 controller, but the PlayStation Move "adds an extra level of immersion."

Datura will be available exclusively on the PlayStation Network later this year.