Sony: ‘Comparing Beyond: Two Souls to traditional gaming is just a difficult comparison’

Starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, Quantic Dream's newest title, Beyond: Two Souls, was easily one of the more anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusives this year. Of course, anyone familiar with creator David Cage knows his work can be polarizing. Opting for a more cinematic approach towards storytelling, his games can oftentimes feel more like watching a movie than actually playing a game. For that reason, Beyond: Two Souls launched to some mixed reviews yesterday.

Speaking to fans on the PlayStation Blog, SCEA Associate Product Marketing Manager Derek Osgood acknowledged how difficult a game like Beyond: Two Souls can be to review.

"Many reviewers (both positive and negative) cited the difficulty in attributing a score to the game because it’s such a unique and different experience," Osgood wrote. "Comparing the game to “traditional” gaming experiences is just a difficult comparison to make."

"I do encourage you guys to try the demo, talk to your friends who have played the game, and read the reviews in full when you’re making your decisions," he said.

It's a rather reasonable response from a Sony representative, one that echoes the sentiments of Sony's Shuhei Yoshida who expressed confidence in Cage and Quantic Dream. Yesterday, Yoshida tweeted the following message just before review of Beyond: Two Souls went life: “I visited David at QD’s office in Paris, shared my honest feedback with Beyond, reassured how much I’m excited with his next project.”

While reviews for Beyond: Two Souls were all across the board, GameZone scored it a 7.5/10. Check out our full review here.

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