Sony apparently working on a rival device to the Oculus Rift for the PlayStation 4

UPDATE: According to CVG, Sony might unveil their latest VR tech as early as Tokyo Game Show, later this month.

Sony and the PlayStation 4 are about get a little more virtual come 2014. Eurogamer reports that Sony has been working on a rival device to the Oculus Rift, that will work on the PlayStation 4 and will be set for reveal in 2014.

Sony is certainly no stranger to either 3D or headmounted displays. The PS3 supported 3D titles, which in turn also made a lot of PS3 titles 3D enabled, and Sony even launched a 24 inch 3DTV, which after numerous price cuts, has all but disappeared from store shelves. On the flipside, the HMZ-T1 and HMZ-T2 are both personal headmounted displays, the latter which can display a 720p OLED panel for each eye.

Sony certainly isn't making any big announcements yet, and so far has only internally been testing their new PS4 VR headset on Evolution's Driveclub, which allowed players to look around the cockpit of the car.

While the popularity of the Oculus Rift is certainly at an all time high, with various studios, such as Respawn, possibly adding support for the Oculus, VR certainly had a rocky history.

More importantly, VR isn't entirely for everyone. We had a chance to play around with a dev kit of the Oculus Rift, and play games like Mirror's Edge and Skyrim, and while I felt relatively fine, others in the office said that they felt way too dizzy only minutes into the game.

We're still ways away from learning about this new device from Sony themselves, but if done right, it could add some amazing realism to first-person games. Just have to make sure you don't throw up after 5 minutes of use.