Sonic Generations on 3DS Confirmed

Earlier this month, we reported that Sega had included Sonic Generations for the 3DS and PC in an earnings report. Though we were intrigued to see Sonic running around stereoscopic 3D environments, we weren’t sure if this was official news or a blunder on Sega’s part. We’re now happy to confirm the former.

The pudgy version of Sonic the Hedgehog appears on the cover of the latest issue of Nintendo Power. But that could just indicate that Sega’s making the game for the Wii, right? Wrong! “The Blue Blur speeds onto Nintendo 3DS in an anniversary event 20 years in the making,” reads the cover of the publication.

News of the big reveal came courtesy of the NeoGAF forums, where one user posted a scan of the magazine, which he found on Twitter. It’s a shame that Sega themselves didn’t get to make the big reveal. This seems like something that the company would have wanted to announce via teaser trailer.

It’s insane that Sonic is on the cover of a Nintendo Power magazine, especially considering how he appears in classic form. My, how things have changed since the Dreamcast made its presence felt in the gaming industry. It’s going to be interesting seeing how Sega uses the 3DS hardware to make Sonic shine. Could Sonic Generations be a must-own 3DS title when it launches?