Sonic Generations 3DS Lands After Console Versions


November 1 slowly draws near. If you're looking forward to Sonic Generations for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC, chances are you're eagerly anticipating that day. While the game will launch for the aforementioned platforms on the first of the month, the 3DS iteration will be dropping a few weeks later.

Sonic Generations for the 3DS has been given a November 22 release date. That's not too bad considering it's still launching in November. Though it is a full three weeks, which will likely cause 3DS owners to go insane with anticipation.

Dimps will be in charge of the portable game's development, which spells nothing but good news as that's the same company that worked on the Sonic Rush games, Sonic Colors for the DS, and the awesome Sonic 4 (yes, it was awesome). Sonic Generations for the 3DS looks to fall in line with those titles and will likely be a much more old school affair than the home console version.

I don't currently own a 3DS, but if I did, I would really be looking forward to Sonic Generations. Here's hoping the game provides some quality side-scrolling gameplay. Given the low number of worthwhile releases on Nintendo's current handheld, I'd suggest watching out for this one. You can hardly ever go wrong with Sonic on your portable device.