Sonic 2 fan game now has an alpha demo

I will never understand why some gamers get so aroused by these Sonic the Hedgehog fan games that pop up sporadically. They're not very impressive. Sure, Sonic Fan Remix looked gorgeous, but it was nothing out of the ordinary in terms of its level design. In fact, while there were some original stages planned, the bulk of the game has been said to be an almost complete remake, taking levels that already existed and simply making them look pretty.

Still, some gamers still argue that Sega should hire the folks working on those fan games (Sega should not hire them, by the way) because they can … recreate levels that already existed? Ugh … My mind can't handle those levels of absurdity.

In any case, another Sonic fan game I'm not really impressed by now has an alpha demo. I will be the first to admit that Sonic 2 HD looks pretty. Like, really, really pretty. At first glance, it looks like a straight remake, but when you check it out in motion, it's actually a fine-looking fan project. The animations are smooth, and everything seems to pop a bit more. Oh, and the music is also nice and jazzy.

And that's it, really.

Certain gamers will probably eat Sonic 2 HD up. Those same gamers will probably call me a Sega fanboy or some wannabe PR guy (neither of which are true, both of which I've been called before), but I just don't see the appeal. Yes, the remake is pretty, but it's nothing new. Just like Sonic Fan Remix was really nice to look at despite being largely the same game we already saw from Sega back in the '90s. And just to reiterate my earlier point: Sega should not hire any of these people. End of story.