Someone spent almost $20K on this life-sized anime school girl figurine

I've always wanted to come home to a 5'2" figurine and a mansion. Mostly a mansion.

Back in January, a limited edition life-size anime school girl figurine was revealed for 1,980,000 yen (US$19,603). She fit right in between the news of the Un-burero (or upskirt umbrella) and Poe Dameron body pillows.

Only 10 of these life-sized figurines of Megumi Kato, from the anime series called Saekano (also known as How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend and Seanai Heroine no Sodatekata), would be making their way into fans' homes.

On top  of being a pricey limited edition, you had to apply to be one of the ten owners – money couldn't even guarantee you ownership of Megumi.

After spending nearly US$20K, one of the ten owners of Megumi revealed that the figure had been delivered to his home! The owner showed Megumi standing in a room filled with his other anime figurines (unfortunately, they aren't life-sized), in his living room and in a box waiting to be taken inside.

The real question is, how much would you spend on a life-sized figurine?

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