Someone replaced all the textures in Dark Souls 3 with dank memes


Sometimes you come across things that make you worried for society. There are things that simply make you think of Jeff Goldblum's speech in Jurassic Park (as Ian Malcom) where he said:

"Your scientists so preoccupied with whether or not they could, you didn't stop to think if they should."

And now, we have this… thing. The very same YouTuber (Limit Breakers)that brought us Dark Souls 3 coated in crabs has stepped up their game and answered the requests of netizens around the world. Thus, a Dark Souls 3 covered with Shrek, Nicholas Cage, Waifu, Poise and the Solaire Sun Emblem was born.

It's as horrifying as it is magnificent. 

Using the iG11 mod, the modder replaced every texture with what the community clammored for the most. They even made a guide on how to do it yourself, just think of what will be born from this…