Someone remade The Witcher prologue in The Witcher 3’s engine and it’s incredible

God, please give us a remake of The Witcher.

The Witcher series is widely regarded as some of the best RPGs of all-time. While the series began as more of a cult classic, it evolved into something bigger than developer CD Projekt Red could ever imagine. The first game seems a bit dated when compared to The Witcher 3 but someone has taken it upon themselves to update the first game's prologue with the engine of The Witcher 3, arguably one of the best looking games of the generation.

The mod is truly impressive and makes us yearn for a full blown remake of The Witcher since most of us missed out on it because it isn't exactly a game that plays or looks great by today's standards. The mod created by user Erxv took about two months to complete and recreates scenes with their voiceovers, while it isn't perfect it is something that should be applauded. Maybe, Erxv can assemble a team (or a larger team if they are just a few dedicated fans) and remake the game with the support of CD Projekt Red and fans after seeing what great work they did. You can click here to find the mod and view it in its entiriety down below and a trailer if you don't feel like downloading/playing it yourself.

CD Projekt Red recently suggested we may return to The Witcher universe in the future but not in the form of a fourth game starring Geralt. Maybe we could return in a remake of the first game? Fingers crossed.