Someone recreated the last level of Halo: Combat Evolved in Halo 5


The same person that recreated the Halo 3 'Warthog Run' in Halo 5: Guardians is back at it, this time bringing back 'The Maw' from Halo: Combat Evolved. xXBarthXx has used Halo 5's Forge to get the last level from Halo: Combat Evolved playable in Halo 5, down to the cinematics.

The end result was a map that is only 1/4 smaller than the original and it looks pretty great.

xXBarthXx used a game mode called "Wildcat Destabilization," which is an infection variant and the map "is a linear style drive-or-die infection map". The map is best with 10-16 players and has Spartans driving to the end to escape on the longsword. Meanwhile, the infected must blow up the hogs and/or kill the all the Spartans.