Someone recreated Halo 2’s entire ‘Sacred Icon’ campaign level in Halo 5

An entire campaign level... now that's awesome.

Gamers have been using Halo 5's Forge feature to do some pretty amazing things. They have recreated Hogwarts, Battlefield 1 scenarios, and other cool maps, but now someone recreated an entire campaign level from Halo 2 in Halo 5 and it's epic.

B2T PichuFrenzy recreated the Sacred Icon campaign level as 'Sacred Icon Survival.' It's pretty reminiscent of the original map, but in this version "survivors must activate pillars, ride moving platforms, and defend their selves from the infected while moving throughout the map to lower the shield protecting the Sacred Icon. The infected must prevent this from happening."

It's a pretty darn epic remake and brings that Halo 2 nostalgia to new highs! You can grab the map and game mode here: